3 important rules to live life by

Here are 3 vital guidelines with which we need to live our lives.  Rather than going after success or the means to live happily ever after, this article gives 3 simple rules with which we need to live our lives. These 3 rules will help to keep our lives in proper perspective

 All good things take time: In life, all good things take time. When you make a plan or set a goal, remember to look at it long term. So for example if you would like to learn a musical instrument, become a writer, or even lose weight you will have to plan for the long term. It is important that you expect results in about 2, 3 years or maybe later. Too often we want to see immediate results in the next couple of months. We want to become rock stars, superstars or lose 5 kgs in 2months. When we don’t see quick results we generally lose interest and drop the activity altogether. So whenever we embark on any new venture set goals for the long term.

Problems are here to stay: Nobody in this world is immune from problems. Everybody from the prince to the pauper, from the saint to the sinner has to contend with his or her own set of problems. There will be always be ups and downs in everybody’s life. We need to be prepared for issues and problems in life. Buddha has said “Suffering is inevitable in life”. Hence, we can and we should never expect that we will ever live a carefree life.

What differentiates one person from another is how he or she handles their own set of problems. Suffering in life makes one stronger. So don’t wish away your problems, rather face them head-on and overcome them.

Don’t let success or failure determine your life:  Never let success or failure determine how you conduct your life. Remember success or failure are only temporary stops in your journey in life. The destination is far, into the future.  There are some who are completely broken when they face failure in their effort. They abandon the pursuit of their goal. As already mentioned failures or setbacks are temporary.  We have to learn from our failures and setbacks and move on in life.  Similarly, we should not let a couple of successes lull us into contentment. We must look ahead and aim for bigger and better goals in life. Life is long term and we must and should move on.


Make these 3 rules below your guidelines in life

  • Life is long term
  • Problems are part and parcel of life
  • Life should go on regardless of success or failure along the way

These guidelines will prepare you to face the worst and also help to accept with magnanimity  your achievements in life.

Success is more about attitude than talent

That’s right! Success in life depends more on attitude than it does on talent. Whenever we think of great achievers like Michael Jordan, Sachin Tendulkar, Bill Gates or a Steve Jobs we usually think that they were born with innate talent. While this right to some extent what we need to understand is, that it was not their talent alone but their attitude to getting things done was what moved them to the pinnacle of success.

While inherent talent is necessary it alone cannot propel you to great heights unless it is accompanied by the right attitude. Talent can only take you that far and no further. To keep advancing we must have the correct approach in life.

All of us have some talent or another. Once we have identified our talent we need to ensure that we adopt the attitude that is required to take us further. Typically I would highlight the following key characteristics of people who excel in life. They are

Patience: This is first and foremost quality that is needed in life. You can have all the talent in the world but if you are impatient you will not get far. As you try to improve the excellence in your skill or talent you must have dollops of patience. You must be willing to make incremental improvements. Sometimes you will hit a road block in the domain which you are trying to achieve excellence whether it may be playing a musical instrument, writing a book or learning technology. It is important that you don’t get impatient when you see little or no progress. You must be willing to try and try a little more. Patient is critical for excellence.

Perseverance: This quality needs to accompany patience. Besides being patient for the results we must have sufficient motivation to continue on the path of improvement. In order to be adept in any field, we must persevere to keep doing better. We must not rest even if we have achieved a fair degree of success in the chosen skill. We must constantly keep honing our skills.

Curiosity: This attitude is what differentiates those who really make a big splash from those who are just great. As we continue to become better in what we are trying to do, be it swimming, playing the guitar or in cricket, we must have the intellectual curiosity to learn new aspects of the skill, game or art. We must experiment with new ideas. We must work constantly in trying to do things not just better but also explore new areas. You should have an unquenchable thirst to learn.

Hard work & grit: Success and fame never happen overnight. They are usually the result of hard work and grit for a long period of time. We should never aim for instant success. Instead, we should strive for enduring success which can only be the result of hard work and the ability to tide over failures. In other words, we must have the grit to take failures in​ our stride and yet lose sight of what we want to achieve.

If you approach life with the attitudes of patience, perseverance, curiosity, hard work and grit you are bound to encounter success. You must constant work in maintaining a balance between these 3 important qualities and you are bound to go a long way in life!

The Mirage of Success

What is success?  As we grow older the word “success” undergoes a major transformation. From our early view that success is getting a first class in your board exam, to cracking a competitive exam and much later to securing a dream job our notion of success undergoes a metamorphosis.

We are often told that “Success is not a destination but a journey”. This is true to an extent. However success cannot be defined in narrow terms of a specific context or a time continuum.

Success in life is dependent on not just our place in life but also on that of our near and dear ones and people at large. As we grow older success can not be based on only our achievements it will also depend on the achievements of people we love.  But then the natural question arises, is success really dependent on achievements. So do we think that a Michael Jackson or a Elvis Presley was successful?

Clearly this is not the case. Success is not dependent on achieving laurels, fame, respect or power. In my opinion it also does not imply sustained fame, respect or power.  To me success in life is how well a person is able to tackle the challenges in life. Success is also dependent on how well you can inculcate a sense of confidence, a sense of courage and discipline in your children or family member. Success also implies how we go about improving the lot of people’s lives in whatever small or insignificant ways. Success then means how we conduct our lives and how we inspire others to live well.

As we reach closer to the grave if we look back at our lives what will we think of? Will we recount the fame or the money we earned? Will we be able to look at satisfaction at the way our children carry themselves. Will be look back at all those times we were able to lend a helping hand to those in need?

Success as we know or visualize is nothing more than a mirage. The occasional triumphs, the victories or recognitions we get will pass.

What will endure are the principles that we hand down to children, the values that we inspire in others. That in my opinion is “true success!”