3 important laws of life

Here are 3 important laws of life which are extremely important to bear in mind while we travel through  life.

Success is never permanent: Whenever we encounter success in anything we  feel really overjoyed and happy. But we must keep our emotions in check and should not go overboard with it. Many times we live in world of imagined greatness for a long time. We must remember that ‘success is never permanent’ and success like all things in life is temporary. We should accept success with graciousness and humility. Success is never a destination and is just an intermediate stop in life.

Failure is never final: This is another important law that we should keep in mind. Whenever we face failure we should not be cowed down by the defeat.When you are down and out remind youself that ‘Even this must pass” and carry on in life. Failure like success is fleeting and not a permanent. To fail is to learn. We must learn from our mistakes and prepare ourselves to do better the next time.

Problems are a fact of life: This is the 3rd essential fact of life. Buddha said ‘Suffering is inevitable”. This is a fact that we should learn to accept and live with. We cannot  wish away our problems. There will be days when things go smoothly and other days when life will seem insurmountable with problems. We must understand that life’s problems and life’s joys happen and we must learn to deal with them with equanimity.

These 3 laws in life are extremely crucial as you go through life.

Confront. Analyze. Think through your problems…

Confront, analyze and think through your problems. Notice, I did not say ‘solve your problems” as real life problems neither have a right nor an easy answer.

When we come to this world, our benevolent Creator in all his omniscience also sends us with several post-dated baggages of problems to each one of us. As we progress through life  these problems crop up every now and then.


Each and every one of us is given a unique set of problems. The problems are real and they are here. Some people flee from life’s problems. Others pretend they are not there. Some make a beeline to the latest and greatest Godman in search of a quick fix to their problems. Others try to drown their miseries in drink or other intoxicating substances. None of these really work.

The first thing we have to do is confront our problems head-on. There is no running away. Look at them squarely. Accept them as your problems and make a mental resolution to deal with it. This in itself is a big step.


The next thing you need to do is analyze your problem. Understand why the problem troubles you. Why are you getting hurt by it? What is causing you the pain? Is it because it affects your personal life, or creates a bad atmosphere at work? Look at the problem from all sides.

Think through ….

Once you have analyzed your problem try to think through possible solutions. For e.g. your work atmosphere may be vitiated by your intolerant and intransigent boss. Think through what your various options. Keep your mind open. In some cases the problem may be yourself and not your boss. If that is the case make up your mind to change. Alternatively if there is really a problem with your boss you could investigate avenues for a change in departments. You could apply for openings outside. Sometimes you could lack a skill for which you could get trained for. In any case think through all possibilities.

Sometimes your problem could be because of a misunderstanding with your relative. Think through whether your or your relative is the cause of the bad blood. It could be the simple case of a mis-communication. Work towards a possible solution. There is really no point carrying a grudge. It is simply not good “mental energy” management.

 Finally …

It really does help to take stock of your problems and face them squarely in the eye. Problems have the habit of nagging us and sapping our energy.

Rather than ignoring your issues or sweeping them under the carpet, confront, analyze and work through your problems.

The above method may not resolve your problems immediately but once you have faced, analyzed and worked through your problems it is highly likely that your sub-conscious mind may throw up some real good solutions.