3 qualities for success: Patience, perseverance and grit

To succeed in life you need 3 qualities namely patience, perseverance and grit. If you have all of these in sufficient measure then you are very likely to succeed.

Patience: This is a quality that is very difficult to get. We can’t really practice patience. It has to be understood inside out. Patience is one of the key characteristics of all those who have achieved great things in life from Gandhiji, Charles Darwin or Einstein. We must understand all good things take time. If we are learning a new skill then we must have dollops of patience to get anywhere near expert level. But usually we expect miracles and are in a big hurry to see results. We want to achieve stardom overnight but this is not going to happen. We must observe and monitor our progress. We must be mentally prepared to progress in small steps. We must have the patience to realize this.

Perseverance: Patience goes hand in had with perseverance. We must not only be patient but we must persevere to do things, We must do things continuously and consistently. Malcolm Gladwell suggests a ‘10,000’ hour rule to get anywhere near being an expert. So whether you are learning a new musical instrument, trying to program or learning to write we must have performed this task for 10,000 hours says Gladwell. Regardless of whether this is true or not , consistent and dogged effort is required to achieve greatness. Scaling Mount Everest would have taken many years of training. When sitar maestro Ravi Shankar caresses the string of the sitar it displays the hours of dedication that he must have underwent. Without perseverance success can only be fleeting

Grit: This is something that is indispensable for achieving greatness. Grit is the ability to weather failures along the way. Grit is the attitude to look at setbacks and carry on renewed vigor. But this is something that can only happen if there is a burning desire, motivation and drive to achieve greatness. It also requires a great maturity see yourself through failures. If there is grit no obstacle is a problem and no achievement is impossible.

So if we have patience, perseverance and grit nothing can stand between us and true greatness.


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