Spend quality time with yourself

skyThat’s right. How many of us actually spend time looking inward. Our daily lives are usually a headlong rush from nowhere to nowhere. Our days are typically this. We wake up, hastily skim through the newspaper and zip off to office. At office we juggle multiple assignments. We return home exhausted and mindlessly flip through television channels before going to sleep. Ditto for the next day…

We keep flitting from one task to another. But we hardly spend time with ourselves. We go through a million emotions in a day. We are alternatively angry, sad, unhappy or worried etc.

These emotions come and go.

But until we spend time with ourselves we will continue in this mad trip all our lives. It is really important to occasionally push the pause button, to stop and to catch our breath.

We need to turn our mental eye inward and look into our mental landscape.

We need to look at ourselves against the backdrop of silence.

We need to zoom into our feelings, our motives, our aspirations and our fears

We need to understand what drives us to do better, what ticks us off and what makes us unhappy.

Unless we understand ourselves we can never understand the world.

Look at your biases, your judgments and your opinions of people. Are they justified?

Clear the cobwebs of your mind. Set your mental house right.

To do all this you really need to spend quality time with yourself.  You do not need to go some far off cave in the wilderness.

You could just focus you mind inward as you take a gentle walk, gaze at the starry sky or sit in a beach and contemplate while listening to the roar of the waves.

Spend quality time with yourself. You deserve it!


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