Life sucks … big time?

How often have we felt the above? We felt that our life sucked big time. We would almost feel that the Creator has singled us out from the billion of other humans. We look at the lives of our friends and colleagues and wonder how their life is so easy.

In reality once we come into this world each and every one of us is given a unique set of problems and issues to handle. So everybody from Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa all the way up to the Buddha has had their own problems during their life times.

What is important is our attitude towards the problems we are confronted with and how we go about solving them.

While some of us love to wallow in our own pity, others live in a world of imagined reality. Some try to drown their sorrows through drink and others take recourse to some spiritual guru who will magically root out their problems.

Most of the above measures will provide only temporary relief.

It is very necessary that we develop the right attitude towards the problems we face. The pain we face with the problems could be real. However we must really take active steps to understand the cause of the problem that we faced with.

Why are we upset by it? What can we do to mitigate the problem and better still solve it.

Unless we learn to handle our own issues, we will continue to dwell on our miseries and expect them to solve themselves.  Occasionally time will help in the resolution of issues. But more often than not we have to actively seek out answers to our own problems.

As long as we take pro-active steps to solve our issue the pain and misery that we face now can be removed.

So while your life sucks big time now, it needn’t continue to suck as long as you decide to solve it.


One thought on “Life sucks … big time?

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