Pause. It helps you think!

There are 3 types of people in this world – those who flit from one activity to another every day, each with a short term purpose.  Then there are those who keep getting buffeted from one crisis to another. Finally we have those people who are inert both physically and mentally.

We can visualize the first two categories as people in a sail boat moving in every which way the wind blows with no overall purpose. The last type is akin to a moored sail boat.

In this headlong rush, which we call life, it is essential that we stop every now and then.  We need to pause. We need to reflect. It may seem that we are living a full life when we are fully occupied the whole day. Most of these activities really have short-term purposes. We may even feel that we are thinking about a lot of things. The thinking that comes from reading books, watching TV or completing assignments is what I would like to call as “reactive thinking”. We may react to ideas and opinions that the book or the TV programs dish out. We may mentally agree or disagree.  We may feel quite satisfied in achieving these short time goals.

On the other hand when we stop and think, we get to look deeper into ourselves. If you are of the traditional mould you could actually sit down cross-legged or not and meditate. You can also meditate when taking a leisurely walk or while travelling in a train or bus. This is what I refer to as “conscious thinking”. In my opinion we need to spend at least one hour thinking through things in our lives. When we pause in life most of the time we will automatically start getting different thoughts. We will soon start sifting through them identifying those that are important and those that are not as important. We could focus on areas where we need to put more effort, where we could do things differently. We could go over some of our past experiences. There is a wealth of learning that we can derive from our own past experience. In fact “the map of one’s future lies in his or her own past”.

We need to exercise this habit of “conscious thinking” frequently. The more we do this  the more things will become clear to us in our lives. We may get ideas of doing things more efficiently and more effectively. We may get to understand our own strengths and weakness.

So do press the pause button in your lives. Reflect and move forward.


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