It will be nice if we get a parking ticket when we dwell too long on negative thoughts, anger, desire,hatred or petty jealousies.

We just see what our self-adorned blinkers allows us to see.

When the mind controls thoughts we are aware of the result of anger,desire, hatred etc.Being aware of the process dissipates these emotions.

Our value system is the axis around which our character revolves.

Why is that man prefers to dwell on failures, disappointments & frustrations as opposed to cherishing little victories, joys & blessings.

Sprinkle your plans with common sense and practicality.

Deference is fine. Servility is not.

Humility and self-pride go hand-in-hand.

Add a touch of tact to honesty.

Friendship is anchored on trust.

If you complain you have already accepted defeat.

Given a choice settle for common sense.

Values are the guiding stars in the journey of life.

A thoughtless mind is preferable to mindless thought.

Invest time,thought and money into personal financial planning.Invest in a brighter future.

The mind wrests control when the five evils of Kama (Desire), Krodha (Rage), Lobha (Greed), Moha (Attachment) and Ahankar (ego) predominate.

Spend time now on personal financial planning so that you can spend time in future comfortably.

Anger,greed, jealousy, desire and delusion happen when your mind is in control of you. Stay on top of your mind.

We have to learn to recognize the innocence in others as opposed to focusing on their bad qualities.

Unless there is whole-hearted involvement there can be no inspiration.

Throw away your colored glasses and see the world as it is.

Our lives are individual chess games with the Creator in a universal, inter-related chess board.

Each setback is a second chance to succeed.

You are all that you got.Invest in yourself wisely.

Where you are now, in no way limits where you can be in the future.

Beware, the mind always seeks to confirms its biases.

Plan your trip to the future.

Emotions manifest as thoughts.


One thought on “Chirpiness…

  1. Steve Tanner December 4, 2011 at 3:55 pm Reply

    “A thoughtless mind is preferable to mindless thought.”

    I particularly like that one!

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