Frozen thoughts – Part 12

Don’t let the world dictate your emotions for the day. Choose to be content & happy.

Learning should be freed from anxieties, expectations and time.

When cornered, learn to make yourself comfortable in the corner.

When life pushes you into a corner, start exploring the corner.

Containing impatience is like trying to hold a balloon under water.Deflate it.

In a conflict everyone involved sincerely believe they and only they are right.

To navigate to success in life – Observe, reflect,proceed.

Miles covered.Words spoken.Emotions vented. Promises kept & broken. Tears wept.Joy.Relationships built,broken. A day in the world.

You can only reach where you are headed towards.

Genuinely become someone in your own eyes regardless of what others see or don’t see in you.

Take the first step into the future you dream of

The world is a melting pot of creative ideas.

God’s grand plan for the human race from love to hatred,war to peace,creativity to destruction, venom to kindness,magnanimity to pettiness

To see beyond our innate programmed behavior requires insight into ourselves


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