Chirps II

Some of my random thoughts …
  • Working hard in the present is like writing yourself a post dated check
  • There are times when it is more important to be kind than correct
  • Good things come our way only if we make way for it.
  • Providence favors the prudent.
  • The mind is like a kaleidoscope. There is something new in every turn.
  • Life is one big work in progress
  • Humans beings are the only species capable of completely deceiving themselves.
  • Anger & depression have the ability to bootstrap themselves
  • Do what you need to do and you will get what you need to get. More or less.
  • When something wrong has happened and the conscience of all involved parties is clear then truth as a whole fails
  • Life slips by one day at a time.
  • The truth lies somewhere between your view of yourself and the world’s view of you.
  • When life doesn’t offer opportunities create opportunities in life
  • Life is a series of puzzles fo us to solve.
  • We reap only what we sow. Plant some seeds now and harvest in the future.
  • We may be a hero, victim in our eyes. But in all probability we are a villain in somebody else’s eyes.
  • Don’t let the world dictate your emotions for the day. Choose to be content & happy.
  • Learning should be freed from anxieties, expectations and time
  • Containing impatience is like trying to hold a balloon under water.Deflate it.
  • To navigate to success in life – Observe, reflect,proceed.
  • You can only reach where you are headed towards.
  • Genuinely become someone in your own eyes regardless of what others see or don’t see in you.
  • Take the first step into the future you dream of
  • The world is a melting pot of creative ideas.
  • God’s grand plan for the human race from love to hatred,war to peace,creativity to destruction,

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