The impossibility of being good

Being good under all circumstances is next to impossible, We can be good in bits and pieces. We may have understood difficult philosophical ideas, We may also be able to expound esoteric concepts and abstruse ideas. But under certain situations our baser feelings and emotions predominate.Try as we may we cannot get rid of our feelings of pride, the need for validation, the temptation of desire and the all consuming power of hatred or anger.

Every little act of charity and kindness we do is temporary . We think such acts and such benevolence will increase the amount of goodwill in our kitty. Sometimes the acts of charity are our amends for our bouts of bestiality.

Somehow it is almost impossible to really good, to always be uniform in our reactions to others. There is extraordinary difficulty in being compassionate, humble and honest. Unless one has renounced life and lives in a convent, monastery or a ashram trying to be good at all times in daily life is truly the greatest achievement. There are probably only a countable few in the world who really achieve such greatness.

In fact, while fully participating in worldly affairs, it is “easy to be wise but impossible to be good”.


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