Striking similarities in Matsya Purana and Old Testament

There are some striking similarities between the Matsya Purana of India and the Old Testament of Judeao Christianity. The following excerpts from Matsya Purana and the Old Testament will make this clear

Matsya Purana : The Matsya Purana talks of the story of the king Manu who decided to live a quiet life near a river. One day when he washed his hands in the river a little fish asked him to save him from the big fish saying that it will one day save him in return. Hence King Manu (also known as Satyavrata) put the little fish in a jar. After a few days the fish grew and the king transferred the fish to an urn. It grew even more and had to be transferred to a pond, then a river and finally it was moved to the ocean. When it was put in the ocean the fish asked the king to build a boat and take along with him all types of seeds, eggs, animals and birds. King Manu realised that this was no ordinary fish but was the avatar of Lord Vishnu himself. Subsequently there was a great deluge and the fish with a horn came to King Manu. The King tethered his boat to the horn of the fish using Adisesha the serpent and the fish took King Manu to Mount Mandara. All the living creatures on the earth were wiped out by the deluge except King Manu and the creatures in his boat.

Old Testament : Genesis 6, of the old Testament says that Lord was unhappy with the wickedness of mankind and requested Noah to build an Ark. The Lord told Noah “of very living thing of all flesh, two of every sort shalt thou bring into the ark, to keep them alive with thee they shall be male and female”. Hence Noah built a huge ark and like Manu took into the ark seeds and a pair of every living creature. Then there was a deluge which lasted for several days. Noah took his ark to the top of Mount Ararat. All creatures on earth
were destroyed by the deluge except Noah and the creatures in Ark.

The similarity in these stories are really striking. Was there really a great deluge about 1200 B.C. Did the legend of Manu travel to the West or did the story of Noah’s Ark travel to India. The common thread in both stories is about the deluge which is supposed to have lasted for 7 days and 7 nights.


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2 thoughts on “Striking similarities in Matsya Purana and Old Testament

  1. vasuerfolg June 16, 2015 at 11:58 am Reply

    From all known accounts, the Vedic Tradition pre-dates X-tianity by several millenia.

    Vedic Tradition is at least 8000 years old, if not older. And there are stories of Jesus Christ having come to India (to Kerala or to Kashmir, depending on which account one reads) and is supposed to have learnt the Vedas / Indian Wisdom & also supposed to have acquired Yogic Powers.

    If one were to go by these, the chances that X-tianity lifted / plagiarised stories from the Vedas are far higher than the reverse happening.

    Vedic Tradition also offers a far more comprehensive frame-work for explaining all of what one finds in this Cosmos – Life, Death, Matter, Consciousness etc. X-tianity on the other hand, only offers a half-baked view of this world (for instance, the bible claims that this world / universe is just 4000 years old) This is one more reason to conjecture that the Vedic Story is the ORIGINAL

    • Tinniam V Ganesh June 16, 2015 at 2:33 pm Reply

      All these scriptures were written many millenia back by people of great intelligence in those times but only with the limited knoweldge available at that time. All these texts do not have much relevance now.

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