The value of patience

In order to achieve anything in life we need to have a plan. Then we have to put the plan into action. One essential ingredient to success of the plan is the need for a liberal amount of patience in achieving it. This vital ingredient is generally missing in most of us. Most of the times, we are extremely impatient and want everything to happen immediately.

Whether we are learning a musical instrument, or we are waiting for exam results we are always on tenterhooks to know the result. In our impatience we tend to mess up things in the process.  Similarly we want our children to learn everything and excel in what they do almost right away. We never have the patience to let them learn in their own time. We try to stuff things into them and expect immediate results.

Patience requires us to think deeply about things. We must learn to understand that many things in life take their own time. There is no point in trying to hurry things up. The real issue is that the mind of an impatient person keeps nagging continuously. If we don’t address this nagging thought we will never be able to get rid of it. It will keep popping up again and again.  We just want the end result immediately. This is really characteristic of impatience. Trying to contain impatience is like trying to hold a balloon under water. The moment you let go off the balloon it will pop up to the surface.

What is needed is that we must address this cause of impatience in us. We cannot wish it away or try to distract our minds by focusing on other things. We need to look at this nagging thought and reason with ourselves as to why things will take time. Unless we satisfy ourselves consciously and unconsciously we will never be able to contain the impatience in us.

Our mind is very logical and will listen only to sound reasoning. We cannot fool ourselves by trying to think of other things or trying to mask the impatience in us. We cannot pretend to patient while all the time holding nagging thoughts in our mind. We must focus on our impatience and set our minds at rest.

Patience requires a quiet mind and a lot of mental maturity. If we have patience we will achieve a lot more in our lives


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2 thoughts on “The value of patience

  1. Harnew August 27, 2011 at 2:28 am Reply

    Thank you for writing this. I need to read this over and over. I am very impatient and this has caused several blunders. But it’s something on my list I want to master. I want to watch the grass grow. Changing your thoughts is a method I use to “distract” my mind from the thing I’m waiting on.

    • TInniam V Ganesh August 27, 2011 at 5:40 am Reply

      Thanks for your response. There are times when the itch of impatience becomes really unbearable. We really have to look at the consequences of giving in to what we gain by staying put. We need to look beyond what is immediately apparent to be able to still our minds.

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