Drive.Don’t be driven.

How often are you angry?  Do you feel upset or frustrated at times? Do you feel hurt or disappointed at times? Then you need to understand that you have let your emotions and thoughts take control of you. You are in fact being driven by your emotions and your thoughts. In this mode you are the victim of your own mental make-up. In this state you are being driven hither and thither.

The right approach in life is instead of being driven by the vagaries of life and nature you should move to the driver’s seat. You should become the driver of your own life. You hold your response to the things that nature’s hurls at you. As somebody said “Happiness is personal choice”. Given the aforementioned fact why should you let life hurt or upset you. In the driver’s seat take hold of the steering wheel and set your life on “cruise control”. Determine where you want to go in life and how fast you want to get there. As the driver of your own destiny take active part not only on what you do in life but also how you react to things that come your way.

The bard of Avon, Shakespeare, summed it very nicely when he asks “whether you are going to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” or whether you in the driver’s seat “will take arms against a sea of troubles, oppose and end them”. Clearly we want to be in control in office, in society and above all in our own personal life.

So move to the driver’s seat. Take control and go to the future you always desired!


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