The Mind is like a Kaleidoscope

Our mind is like a kaleidoscope. There is something new in every turn. Our problems remain problems only if we view it so. If only we step back and view the situation from a slightly different angle we may see solutions that we were never even aware of.

The problem with most of us is that our thinking is conditioned. We force ourselves to think only in certain rigid patterns. We keep going down the beaten track time and time again. If only we could free ourselves from fixed modes of thinking we will be surprised at the infinite possibilities that our mind can throw up.

Our mind knows no limits as far as inventiveness is concerned. Our mind is constantly churning in the background.

If we are trying to do something creative or trying to solve a complex problem all we need to do is to park it in the background of our mind. The mind quietly works in the background and pretty soon will come up with some amazing possibilities.

In fact, if we know how to utilize our minds properly we will be amazed at the myriad of possibilities.

The reason why sometimes we seem to be stuck with problems or run out of creative ideas is that we tend to stare at the problem. We cannot remove our minds from the problem. The key issue here is that “Staring prevents seeing”

To be able to do anything creative or to arrive at solutions to problem we need to let go of our patterned modes of thinking. We should set the mind free and let it work its way through the banks of stored memories, experiences, thoughts, ideas and imagination.

If we let our mind have its way we will surprised at the numerous kaleidoscopic possibilities that it is able to churn out.

Author: Tinniam V Ganesh

Visionary, thought leader and pioneer with 27+ years of experience in the software industry.

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