Interview Question Ideas

Nothing is more important to an organization than getting candidates who fit into the organizational fabric and culture. Since the time to make this judgement by the interviewer is limited the interviewer needs to judge the candidate on certain key characteristic traits

The following article gives some pointers in determining the candidates attitude, aptitude and personal values of the candidate. Assuming that the candidate is dressed appropriately, has a cheerful appearance then the following questions can be asked

Why are you here?
This can be an initial question to understand the candidates strengths and how he will be augment the organization’s mission further. When the candidate is clear on the strengths stemming from his experience and the organization’s needs then the interviewer can draw the following conclusions. Firstly it helps in undertanding the candidates background, his knowledge of the business the present organization is in, and how he/she thinks they will fit in the organization.

Why are you leaving your current job?
Make sure that the candidates answer is crisp and clean and he/she is not hiding any facts. Make sure that it is not for petty reasons as money, designation but something more tuned to the candidate’s core strengths and how it will further his/her career.

Handling aptitude questions
Make sure that questions of general aptitude are asked. Even though the answer may not be correct make sure the candidate is able to comprehend the problem, enjoys problem solving and comes up with creative approaches to the problem.

Checking intrinsic values of the candidate
Here the interviewer needs to ask questions that will check the moral fibre of the candidate. What does the candidate value more? How does the candidate balance human values with organization’s mission and vision? Does he compromise on one for the other or does he strike an interesting balance between the two? These question should be designed to understand the core character of the candidate and his personal value system.

Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years professionally, personally?
Make sure that the candidate has a clear plan on both his career path and his personal growth. What steps does he/she think is necessary to achieve the goals that the candidate has set for himself/herself. This will show whether the candidate plans for the future and is able to think through things.

These question will help in judging the candidates professional strengths and his moral fiber both of which are very important to the organization.


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