The Internet – Web of information: No invention has had such a enormous impact in our lives as the internet”. Now the world’s information and knowledge are stored and accessed on this wonderful invention. Getting information on any topic is like participating in a lucky dip. Enter your search items in a search engine and presto – the screen comes up all relevant and related content. In fact the internet has steadily grown over the years and holds encyclopedias, ideas, thoughts and endless insights and observations of mankind.
Netelligence: In fact , we have almost reached a point , where it is almost impossible to fathom the amount of information and knowledge that is available on the web. If only, we the human race, can harness this information and knowledge on the web we can make great progress. There is a need to tap the “netelligence” of the world wide web. For this we need to have specifically designed programs that can scour the web for the knowledge, ideas and insights.The programs would have to be based on complex algorithms, artificial intelligence techniques, data mining and analytics. The programs would have to assimilate information, identify patterns, ask itself relevant questions search for answers and draw appropriate conclusions from it.. Such algorithms that can mine the netelligence from the web will have to identify , correlate, associate and validate its owns findings. These “migratory netelligent” programs will have at their disposal a real wealth of information on the web. From social networking sites to blogs, from encyclopedias’ to research articles, from history to philosophy mankind has recorded all his experiences, desires and dreams. There is more wisdom in the web than we can comprehend.

Harnessing wisdom: While such a “migratory netelligent” program almost seem the stuff of science fiction, it definitely is not impossible based on the advances in computer science. The time is now ripe for such a advancement as the content of the web has almost reached a critical mass and algorithms are getting more sophisticated. Mankind does not have to wait for divine inspiration to come to make the next big breakthrough. The web has more intelligence than we are aware of. In fact the web is a man-made artificial resource. If only we could tap this “artificial resource” mankind may witness the next great advancement in science. In the 21st century and beyond the collective wisdom of the human race, in the billions of servers comprising the web, will be the most crucial resource for mankind.

Net gold: In fact the insights that netelligent programs discover from the web can be referred to as “net gold”


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