Technology Blackout

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We live in world where technology permeates every aspect of our lives. For a moment, I imagined what would happen if there was a “technology blackout”? In other words, if suddenly we did not have access to any of the technology gizmos and the everyday devices that we are so used to. In such an event, I think I can safely reset my clock to the early 15 century. Given such a petrifying thought I wondered what would the 3 most important technology pieces that I just cannot live without. With a little thought it clearly became obvious to me that the 3 most crucial technological pieces are a) Electricity b) The Internet c) The mobile phone. If we look at the above three technological wonders it becomes very clear that a life without will become impossible, and almost not worth living, so to say.
Electricity: By the far the single most important technological discovery in the history of mankind is the discovery of electricity. We as a race have succeeded in harnessing energy, storing and distributing it. I can utilize it whenever I want and wherever I want. I use electricity to power hundreds of devices in my daily life at home, office or public place. From toasters to LCD TVs, from microwaves to home theatres electricity and electrical gadgets quietly do their thing. A day without electricity is almost unimaginable. In fact I think electricity almost holds its place amongst air and water.

Internet: From the days of the ARPANET, the internet has metamorphosed into a gigantic network that spans continents, countries and much geographies. There are more than a billion computers connected to the internet. Any and all information that I need is only a click away. I can use the internet to get information on anything – from making a Caesar’s salad to finding out more details on my mouth ulcers. The internet is the electronic glue that connects humanity as a whole. I don’t have to wait days for a response from my prospective employer or undergraduate school. I am a “send” button away. I can’t imagine a world without this technology.

Mobile phone: Man has comprehensively conquered space, at least here on earth. All my friends are just a call away. I can call anybody, anywhere at any time with the phone. The mobile has become so ubiquitous and as inseparable to me as my wallet.

Conclusion:The above three technologies encompass a whole universe of associated inventions and discoveries which have meshed in to my life. Life without them is unimaginable.

Author: Tinniam V Ganesh

Visionary, thought leader and pioneer with 27+ years of experience in the software industry.

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